viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Förnost - Every Green Turns Grey and Cold tape OUT NOW

Förnost's 2007 first EP has been re-released on tape format with 3 live song as bonus tracks.

Get yours right now, TRADES ARE WELCOME!


jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Every Green Turns Grey & Cold re-released on tape

Förnost's First EP: "Every Green Turns Grey & Cold" will be re-released on tape and it will include some Live bonus tracks, plus a new lay out.

This release is made hoping to get our work to as much maniacs as we can in order to promote our
anti-christian propaganda and also to look for a label interested in releaseing our forth-coming debut album, which will present many changes from what you can hear in our 1st EP. Nevertheless, our path and vision is still the same. Any label interested can contact us in order to get a promo-cd with some samples of the new opus.

Additional info, regarding the release of the debut album or the tape release:

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Upcoming 1st full-lenght album!

We are about to enter the studio to record our 1 full-lenght album!

Our first EP already helped us spread our first compositions, now it's time for our new era to begin!

We have a way better drummer! New opus and new sounds!

There will be some re-recordings of some hymns from the Ep.

We will count with the vocal collaboration of members from Costa Rican Black Metal hordes Paganus Doctrina & Morbid Funeral.

We are going to include a cover song of a Costarican Black Metal legend.

The album will be recorded at CAVAN Studio, managed by Max from December's Cold Winter.

Khaos is yet to come, the Chaotic revelations of Anti-human Madness are yet to be unleashed!