miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Upcoming 1st full-lenght album!

We are about to enter the studio to record our 1 full-lenght album!

Our first EP already helped us spread our first compositions, now it's time for our new era to begin!

We have a way better drummer! New opus and new sounds!

There will be some re-recordings of some hymns from the Ep.

We will count with the vocal collaboration of members from Costa Rican Black Metal hordes Paganus Doctrina & Morbid Funeral.

We are going to include a cover song of a Costarican Black Metal legend.

The album will be recorded at CAVAN Studio, managed by Max from December's Cold Winter.

Khaos is yet to come, the Chaotic revelations of Anti-human Madness are yet to be unleashed!